Network Design Services - Hardware & Software

IT Solutions of Connecticut provides a complete "end to end" network design and installation service from the initial site survey, performance requirement determination, cabling installation, network infrastructure, hardware installation and configuration, applications software installation, to the final commissioning, testing and documentation of the completed network installation.

Site Survey:
A cabling engineer will attend site and document the physical and environmental characteristics of the site and establish the network performance and cabling installation requirements.

Network Design:
Network topology & infrastructure hardware are specified to meet agreed performance and environmental requirements.

Network Cabling Installation:
In collaboration with selected partner companies, where necessary, supply and install structured cabling systems for data, & voice if required.

Network Infrastructure Hardware Installation:
Patch Panels, Hubs, Switches & Routers, supplied, installed configured to meet operational requirements.

Server Installation & Client PC Installation:
Server Hardware and Server Software installed and configured as per agreed requirements. Client Applications Software installed as per standard install procedures, customized to particular requirements.

Installation Hand-over:
Once the installation has been completed to the customer's satisfaction, a Network Report is handed over and the necessary support agreements are put into place.

From Start to Finish

By utilizing the differing elements of our services, from an idea to an installation, we can offer a "One Stop" network design and implementation service.

Whether you are require a simple switched network linking only a few PC's, or a large scale corporate network with wide area links and VPN tunnels, we can handle all the design or redesign and ensure the successful implementation of your network.