Protect The Future of Your Business with Off-Site Data Backup

Technology has become a crucial part of most modern businesses, especially the files that you create and save on your computers and servers.

It’s essential to backup your data to prevent loss as a result of virus attacks, natural disasters, hardware malfunctions, human error, etc.

Backing up your data Off-Site will not only provide you with valuable peace of mind, but also save you time and money in the long run, if you happen to lose any data.

With our Off-Site Backup Solution your data is encrypted with a combination of Blowfish and DES III along with an SSL data transmission and is stored with RAID 6 technology behind our secure firewalls using technology from Juniper Networks.

The regularity with which you can backup your data gives you extra peace of mind and convenience. You choose when it happens, and know your data is being regularly protected.

Whether the need for data recovery is due to hardware failure, software corruption, virus contamination, natural disaster or human error, there are literally hundreds of possible reasons for data loss. Here are some of the more common causes of data loss: